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What's My Landform  Webquest (redirected from What's My Landform Webquest)

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As a class, we have been learning about various landforms found around the world.  In this webquest, you will show your knowledge of the landforms we have discussed so far and become an expert on a self-selected landform of your choice.





Mrs. Pfingsten has decided to let her students show her what they know about landforms.  She feels that they have shared a lot of knowledge with her, but still might need to have a basic review of landform facts.  It is your job to review the information she has provided for you, become an expert on a self-selected landform, and create a Mysterious Landform Power Point Presentation presenting the information you have learned.





1.  Click on the link below and read the information to reintroduce you to basic landform knowledge.


Enchanted Learning


2.  Once you have become familiar with the various landforms on Enchanted Learning, click on the following link to take a landform quiz.  Be sure to call Mrs. Pfingsten over to record your grade once you have click submit.


Quia Quiz


3.  Choose one of the follow landforms to become an expert on: 

  • archipelago
  • basin 
  • bay 
  • canyon 
  • cliff 
  • coast 
  • continent
  •   desert 
  •   forest 
  • gulf
  • hill 
  • island 
  • lake 
  • mountain
  • ocean

  • plain 
  • prairie
  • reef
  • river
  • swamp 
  • valley 
  • volcano
  • waterfall




4.  Click on the following link to research your chosen landform (the list of landforms is in the left-hand column).


World Landforms


5.  Answer the following questions about your landform in your RRJ (be sure to write the questions as well as the answers).


  1. What is the definition of your landform?
  2. What are three characteristics that make your landform unique?
  3. Where can your landform be found?


6.  Create your own Power Point Presentation using the following guidelines:  (**you will not name your landform until the last slide)

     slide 1:  Title and Creator

     slide 2:  Self-created Definition of the landform and picture

     slide 3:  Three characteristics that make your landform unique (complete sentences) and another picture

     slide 4:  Where your landform can be found around the world and a third picture

     slide 5: The name of your landform and a self-created picture (using paint or a scanned drawing)


7.  Be sure to save your PPT in your personal file under:  What Landform Am I?


8.  We will share our landform PPTs when everyone has visited the technology workstation.










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